Once in a lifetime opportunity?

A very well written article by Carrington and Taylor on the Guardian (P.S. support good journalism by subscribing) highlights how O&G are using the mountain of additional profits brought in by this energy crisis, i.e. by exploring even more and mostly in fragile environments!

Screenshot 2022-07-02 at 11.53.41

Fellow humans, in the Eighties we already missed an opportunity to wean ourselves off the iron grip of the oil industry: to our partial justification, renewable technologies weren’t yet mature and Global Warming was not yet much of an issue back then.

But O&G rose to that challenge, by pouring even more resources into exploration and development, disproving the notion (quite accepted in 1980) that we would run out of oil at the turn of the century or shortly afterwards: fast forward fifty years not only we didn’t, but our current proven reserves are 1.5 times what they were in 1980!

So the problem is not going to fix itself before we completely destroy the Planet, and the new opportunity we have today is perhaps the last and most precious, because it’s built with the blood of Ukrainians who are fighting a battle that’s not only the battle for their freedom, but also the battle for the lives of us, our children and our grandchildren.

Importing fossil fuels sends around enormous amounts of money, sooner or later insinuating in the sick mind of the next crazy little man the idea he can rule the world by holding Europe hostage.

Much in the same way as switching to Electric Mobility should NOT be an environmental goal, but a massive cost saving measure (which also happens to have positive environmental side effects), moving away from fossil fuels should not be pursued to avoid Global Warming, but as a continental security measure (which also happens to have positive environmental side effects).

Recognizing this simple fact removes the layer of ideological paint, allowing us to see the issue in its stark nudity, precisely as the O&G industry would never want us to see.

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