Oi dialogoi*

Green hydrogen! The answer to all your energy needs!
Great! Let’s have it!
There you go!
Blimey, this is bloody expensive!
Well, this technology is early stage, we’ll need lots of research to improve electrolyzers and to scale up efficiencies
Gotcha, here is some public billions to do all that. How long is it going to take?
Can’t really say, these are super-scientific challenges nobody ever tackled, but in the meanwhile…
…in the meanwhile?
You can have Blue Hydrogen, almost as good as Green, made from Methane but with Carbon Capture
Sounds good, bring it on!
Here you go!
My goodness, this is almost as expensive as Green!
I know. Also this is leading edge technology which needs Research…
Here is some more public billions to fund Carbon Capture research
But costs will go down also because the captured CO2 is a valuable material
That’s great! You mean someone would pay to use the CO2 we capture? To do what?
Well, essentially to extract more oil. We pump it into an oil well that’s running out to squeeze more from it.
But that does not sound so attractive, what do we do with more oil?
We burn it, like we do with nearly all the oil we use
Let’s say we capture, 1ton of CO2, and how much oil we pull out?
About 4 barrels…
…which, once burned, produces how much CO2?
1.7 tons
But that’s MORE than the CO2 we started with! I don’t think this is such a great idea. Let’s go back to Blue Hydrogen which is almost as expensive as Green.
I know. In the meanwhile…
…in the meanwhile?
You can stick to Black Hydrogen from Methane steam reforming, cheap and plentiful…
…and emission-wise worse than the Methane it started from.
I know, but, hey, we can’t destroy the economy, can we?
And what about all these public billions I could have spent installing renewables?
Sorry, you know, research doesn’t always pan out.

*The dialogs

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