This page started out as a bibliography page, but it’s now evolving more into a place where I store bookmarks of things that make interesting reading for anyone interested in Social Media.



Other reference

Web 2.0 tutorials – Text

  1. Intro
  2. the Pack mentality
  3. Where do they live?
  4. Map the ecosystem
  5. Monitor
  6. Leadership mining
  7. Developing a value strategy
  8. Engaging

Web 2.0 tutorials – Video

  1. Market snapshot (lies, damn lies and statistics!)
  2. A Universe of Social Media (is it only about blogs?)
  3. Why should a business care about this? (not for me, I’m B2B !)
  4. Debunking misconceptions (avoiding you the embarrassment of asking stupid questions)
  5. Four practical examples (things you can do with Social Media. Today.)

2 thoughts on “Reference

  1. Thanks Gianni. A set of very good readings to start with … I hope that, with the time, you will add more materials. Or, maybe, we all can contribute !

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