Privacy Statement

When I set out to promote my book “The Digital Self Manifesto”, I figured I had to rely on my network to promote it. As discussed in the book, however, my Social Graph spans across four main domains:

  • the 1,461 entries in my email name and address book
  • my 1,405 Linkedin contacts
  • my 1,097 Facebook friends
  • my 1,160 Twitter followers

of course, many of these are different connections the same person (or Digital Self), and each of these platforms offers a way to “send messages” to your connections, but the analytics you have back are rather poor. So I used each platform’ messaging system in the two weeks before the book launch to raise some awareness and are using a direct email message for the announcement.

The excellent Direct Mail app I am using allows me to create a proper, well formatted email (the one you have received) and offers a good facility for merging and deduplicating all of my addresses from those of above domains whose T&C allow me to use such emails – this means of course my email address book and LinkedIn. Facebook is unclear, as there is a semi official workaround though Yahoo Mail, but it feels a little bit like cheating, so I decided not to merge the Facebook contacts into this database (of course, if we’re also connected on LinkedIn or have corresponded by email, you’ll be in already).

My privacy statement goes as follows:

  1. you are receiving this email because we either corresponded by email before, or you are one of my LinkedIn conenctions
  2. you can opt out by clicking “Back” and clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the very bottom of the email.
  3. I have done my best to deduplicate also manually the list – in some cases I just could not figure which was the right address to use, so a small number of individuals may receive this message on two different email accounts
  4. given the choice, I have opted to send this to your personal email address instead of the business one
  5. I have not given these addresses to any external service, nor anyone has access to them
  6. I will use these addresses very sparingly, essentially for messages that relate to my books (but always remember #2)
  7. you can discuss this (and any other matter) by emailing me at gianni(at)catalfamo(dot)com
  8. better still, post on the Facebook page

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