100 movies

Like many other people, I am an avid consumer of cultural products (movies, books and music): I hoard them, I collect them, I consume them several times over.

I remember my late Dad raising his eyebrows in disbelief whenever I confessed I hadn’t read some book he considered important, a favor I returned by lending him some of my Physics textbooks, a subject he always felt he hadn’t given enough attention during Uni.

So today I decided I will write down a list of the most important 100 movies my kids should see, lest I fail my parental duties: my two older kids have families of their own, so it’ll be to them to actually tick every box in this list, but Aurora still lives with us, so I can make sure HER column is ticked. Also the list is not ranked in any way, so don’t look for criteria, the movies are listed in whatever order they come to mind.

Finally, I have not listed many movies that are contemporary for them (like Star Wars or Jurassic Park or Harry Potter) because they are already part of their cultural backgrounds.

The criterion is totally subjective, obviously, and I do not expect my kids (or anybody else) to agree.

12001, a space odyssey
2The Godfather
3Apocalypse now
5The deer hunter
6The silence of the lambs
8The Warriors
10The Blues Brothers
11dr. Strangelove
12Easy Rider
13The hunt for Red October
14Jacob’s ladder
16Full Metal Jacket
17Una pura formalità
18La decima vittima
19One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
23Reservoir dogs
24From dusk ’til dawn
25A clockwork orange
27Big wednesday
28The Shining
29Vanishing point
30The sixth sense
31Animal House
32Three days of the condor
34The untouchables
35Play it again, Sam!
37Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
38Taxi driver
39The big Lebowsky
40The sting
41The apartment
42The odd couple
43Love and Death
44The usual suspects
45Forrest Gump
48To kill a mockingbird
49Fight club
50Zabriskie Point
51Good morning, Vietnam!
52Junior Frankenstein
54The Truman show
55Marathon man
56La donna della domenica
57Jesus Christ Superstar
59American graffiti
60The conversation
61The hustler
62Rear window
63The long goodbye
64Mystic river
65A new leaf
66Schindler’s list
68The killers
69Apollo 13
71Escape from Alcatraz
72The Rocky Horror Picture Show
73Amici miei
74All the President’s men
75Un sacco bello
77Blade runner
78Master and Commander
79The gladiator
81The longest yard
83The imitation game
84Ricomincio da tre
85Gorky Park
86The big chill
87Midnight cowboy
91The hitcher
92The name of the rose
94Murder by death
96The man who shot Liberty Valance
97The big short
98Angel Heart
99Little miss Marker
100The front page

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