The fat lady has sung: it’s over!

Carmakers better be ready to make good on their ZLE (zero local emissions) announced pledges (in many cases earlier than 2035) and ramp up BEV production, because buyers will be discounting this deadline into their purchasing decisions, abandoning de facto ICE powertrains even sooner. A boring discussion (in Italian) of the so-called Osborne effect can be found here.

Expect the last Onoda-style rearguard fighters to desperately shrill up in the coming months, decrying the Chinese invasion or pushing more bogus studies challenging the huge LCA emission advantage of BEVs, or predicting doomsday over battery metals shortages. This was easy to predict and, lo and behold, we are being swamped with idiotic remarks along these likes.

Obviously hydrogen will refuse to die as it should, in the face of unsurmountable technical and economical challenges, but at least to our children and nephews we can leave the legacy of the #DOGE, the Day the Oil Grip Eased.

“Ce n’est qu’un début…”

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