Under the tree…


Christmas Eve thought: if 2020 really changed our lifestyle, how did it change gift-giving? How has it made it less physical and more virtual?

I guess the question translates to “How do I make a virtual present to those which will happen to read these words?” Dang, why don’t I offer some reading advice. Here it comes, my list of the

5 books you must not skip reading in 2021

No particular order, and most are essays.

A small essay masquerading as narrative, but really about how your pre-conceptions can throw you off from what reality really is.

Yeah, right, Physics, what a drag. Well, first of all, understanding some Physics a little better never hurt anybody, but the point of this book is that “What we cannot explain, we haven’t really understood”

And if you already read this, you can move to “Six not-so-easy pieces”…

It may look like a book on the origin of the Universe, but instead it’s a Philosophy treaty dealing with creation. As someone said, Science explains “how” the world works, Religion explains “why”

The ten major “inventions” of evolution. An excellent book which requires some commitment; it makes the list even though the last three are not as riveting as the first seven.

Recommend a book from where a movie was made? If the author is Michael Lewis, why not ? (Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t seen the movie, go fix this !)

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