12 years and counting…

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the first post on this blog. Twelve years and about 1,800 posts later, I still find dumping good and bad ideas into this reservoir a rather practical way of making sure I do not forget something that may be of use later.

I am sorry I miss from the Archive the first three years (the original Geektalk – that’s why it’s called “Son of Geektalk”) which were on a self-hosted platform I lost control of when I lost control of my own IT when Omnicom bought my agency, way back in 2000: the fact that it took almost five years to capitulate will give you a hint of how stubborn I can be…

Actually, my post rate has slowed down quite a bit in 2016/2017 as I have started another blog (in Italian…) on the subject of sustainable mobility; it is attached to the website of One Wedge, the start-up I founded with my brother and an adventuresome friend.

To mark the anniversary, I added an Archive widget below, for the historians among you to peruse the evolution of silly ideas over the course of more than a decade.

To the next 12 !


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