When tech is funny as hell…

…it’s usually involuntary.

Yesterday I updated my Navdy HUD navigation system to the new 1.3 software release. It’s a massive improvement over the previous version, including tons of nifty new features and making the product even more usable. Highly recommended.

Among the many new features is also international language support, really necessary because turn-to-turn directions trying to pronounce Italian or French road names or reading aloud SMS or emails in Italian did not work at all, to the point I had switched it off.

So I set it to Italian: the voice is a pleasant contralto, nice choice. But somehow (maybe it’s me) I can’t find how I switch the language of the UI to Italian.

Here’s the situation: I am driving while Joe Pesci’s little sister gives me directions and I am beginning to worry the crap out about what will happen if I don’t follow them…

“I told you to turn-a right at the traffic-a light-a, what am I, your fuckin’ clown? Am I here to amuse you?

Navdy support, help !!!!!


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