Negating personal brands

A while back I wrote a small piece in response to a speech request describing what I believe is a Personal Brand.

Obviously mine are nothing but opinions, and – equally obviously – not everyone shares them. In particular my LinkedIn profile was visited today  by a person I don’t know who evidently thinks exactly the opposite of what I think.

Nothing in his profile identifies him as a person: he has no name, no face, not even a bio which does not tell us where he worked and when.

Besides, he claims he’s been in the role of Web Marketing Manager for almost 20 years, which is remarkable given the fact 20 years ago a lot of the Web as we know it today did not exist at all. That is not to say you could not do many of essentially the same things: I myself described what I consider one of my greatest achievements in Digital dating back to 1999.

Not one of his numerous posts are his writing: he likes and re-posts stuff he finds here and there.

And his personal website is not much better; actually it’s exactly the same content dressed in a plain HTML website written probably in the 70’s and never reviewed again.

In short what I do not like about such a profile is its complete lack of transparency, a trait I consider essential in this age of fake this and that.

That said, he’s got over 20,000 followers, while I am barely pushing 2,000 so, by that measure, Luca S. is right and I am wrong.

I’ll do my best to get over it.

Screenshot 2017-08-06 12.54.14.png


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