#TGD – update 3

Don’t go look for Update 2 of The Great Digitization, you did not miss it; that was last summer, but I never bothered writing it, so I am going straight from Update 1 to Update 3.

I may have already mentioned how incredibly time-consuming this task is: in the long pauses while the scanner does its thing I have time review the images, participate in two or thee different Facebook discussion, write this blog post.

Thanks God, unless I work on badly damaged film, usually the “auto” setting of the scanning software gives good results, but each image must be centered and scanned manually while trying to save it in the right place in the directory structure.

IMG_20170805_164640.jpgMy workstation was greatly improved by the addition of a large screen where I can leave the scanning and filing panes while I do other stuff on the computer’s screen.

Unfortunately, the settings I chose (2400 dpi and some scratch removing – this film is  over 20 years old, after all…) are not exactly the fastest, s each image takes about one minute.

How long until complete? Take your guess; mine is about 100 rolls x 36 images x 1 minute = about 60 hours


All of this while I wait for the concrete to dry on my step…


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