What’s in your bag?

A few years ago, I made a list of the gear I carry when traveling, and in writing this post on the rules of efficient packing I realized its update is overdue.

So here is the 2017 version of

What gear is in my bag

  1. power brick
  2. USB to mini-USB cables (2)
  3. thumbdrives (never enough)
  4. Thunderbird to HDMI cable (male and female, I have been in meeting rooms where the HDMI cable screwed on the screen had only a male connector available)
  5. Thunderbird to VGA cable
  6. remote clicker
  7. spare batteries
  8. main power bank
  9. wireless mouse
  10. universal smartphone tripod mount
  11. mini tripod
  12. portable projector (an item I reviewed here)
  13. Mogics donut power strip + mains adaptor (as it came with a US plug)
  14. phone wall charger
  15. UK adaptor

The power brick (#1), portable projector (#12) and wireless mouse (#9) are the largest items; the latter I could probably do without: using a mouse is so much more comfortable than using the clickpad on the computer, but the reality is I very seldom do, as most of my laptop use when on the road is when sitting at an airport lounge or in flight.

The weight is of course a worry when traveling, but the lot comes in at 1,400 grams, which, together with the 1,350 grams of the Macbook Air, uses about 27% of my luggage allowance.


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