A few years ago I narrated the story of how I underwent some major facial surgery to fix the problem that I wasn’t able to sleep any longer. That project was for me a great success, despite its many challenges (and some pain).

Now it’s time to face the other great damage Arthritis has inflicted on my body and that’s the functionality of my hands.

This will a bit more gruesome, as essentially I will undergo a “double Skywalker”

luke's handexcept mine won’t be nearly as high-tech as this: both hands will be surgically removed from their current locations (avoiding severing nerves, of course!), repositioned in a more “natural” posture and locked back in place. Titanium will not be limited to my skull, therefore.

The deal is that I will sacrifice the very little that’s left of my wrist-flexing functionality in exchange for restoring my right extensor tendons, fixing growing CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) and a little prensile strength.

Today marks the real start of the process, with a long list of pre-op diagnostics. The CAT scan and X-ray were easy of course, but if you tried EMG (electro-miography) you will know that it is NOT a pleasant experience.

I expect this phase to conclude by end June at which point the hand surgeon will issue his final verdict and define a plan.

More to follow…


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