Impressions: Pugz wireless

My Pugz wireless, charge-as-you-go headphones are here.
The first of three outstanding Kickstarter projects I backed has delivered and while iPhone users are pissed because CAYG was not delivered on their phone due to some 11th hour changes by Apple, it works fine on my Android.
Not entirely sure I get the point, as anything that cuts short the battery life of a phone seems dumb enough but you could connect them to a battery pack if you’re having a REALLY long (>4 hrs) confcall.
Not as dumb as totally wireless headphones so that you can carry them around your neck when not in use and still have some hope to find them when you need them.
Noise isolation is very good – perhaps TOO good as you end up in a quite unpleasant muffled world; but you either isolate or you don’t and the isolation works very well when on the phone.
The magnetic charging connector works better than a USB connector and looks very well built as the product as a whole, although I bet the weak link will be the connecting cord which however will not undergo the same strain as tethered headphones which invariably get yanked when you drop the phone.
The wireless functionality also means you can use them on a Skype call on your computer, something I do quite often, shedding the dork look brought by the over-the-ear headphones….. I am getting next week.

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