After the shocking Brexit, Nigel Farage released an interview widely circulated on Social Media, stating that, actually, the £350 million the UK contributes weekly to the EU cannot be spent on the British health system as the Leave propaganda bombastically promised.

The interviewer asked the same question time and again, as in dusbelief he was reneging Leave’s key pledge HOURS after the outcome.

That had me thinking: why would you do that when the money won’t materialise until negotiations are over, i.e. at least TWO years? Why in such a public occasion (instead of a customarily quiet backpedaling at 2019 budget time)?

And why the backpedaling in the first place? At the end of the day, the money IS there, so why simply not make good on your promise?

The only possible justification is if you actually WANT a second vote to narrowly call for Remain.

The desirable outcome for UKIP IMHO was not a narrow win, but a narrow lose: a win means they must come up a plan they don’t really have for one of the most complex political and economic manoeuvers in postwar Europe.

Compare this win a narrow lose where Nigel can continue to appear on TV talk show accusing the system of being rigged against him without having to actually do anything.

So my conclusion is that there will be a second vote, which the UKIP will appear to oppose (but secretly wants as much as Labour or the Lib-Dem want).

And this vote will go as I had predicted all along….


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