April 26, 1986 – h1:23am

chernobylToday is the 9/11 of nuclear engineers, the day a clumsy manoeuver, some hasty decision-making and desperate cover up attempts created a volcano which killed immediately 65 (and thousands more afterwards) and made ghost towns of Pryp’jat and a couple other cities in Ukraine and Belarus.

The fact that almost 30 years elapsed between Chernobyl and Dai-ichi (the next level 7 disaster) testifies the quality of engineering in NPPs,  given the fact humans have retained the bad qualities that co-caused this accident but more importantly, the vast majority of casualties.

It is also for me a good time to dig out my contribution to divulgation in this very complex field, linking my post on 10 things you probably don’t know about Nuclear Power, hoping that, on the emotion of the day, more people will take the time to read it.


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