So long, Boris!

Today Boris, our beautiful 5yo Cane Corso passed away suddenly: apparently he suffered from a stomach torsion that took him in a few hours.

Here you see him on the very day he arrived about four years ago, while he gets acquainted with Bellatrix, our blonde Bullmastiff who is now shell-shocked like the rest of the family.

Not the first time we lose a pet, and not the first sudden death, but I still can’t believe I won’t be greeted by his black striped lumbering frame when I arrive home tonight. Despite the size, Boris was the gentlest of dogs, always playful and happy to see us.

He certainly was an escape artist, and I had to pick him up a few times at the local Dog Rescue Unit after he took advantage of a delivery man or a plumber leaving the gate ajar. Each time he looked at me with a remorseful gaze as if saying “I swear I won’t do this again”,  but each time I knew he was lying.

He was never fast enough to catch to stray hares which trespassed in our garden, but he did his best to scare off moles and rats.

I am sure there are plenty of red balls for playing catch where you are now, my friend, enjoy !!!

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