Gianni’s Charity BBQ

This is to explain the rules governing this event.

  1. Charity BBQs are called at my house with a totally unpredictable frequency, during the good season. Typically one is called in June and another in September (as part of my #birthdaypledge program).
  2. Attendance is open to all: I usually put up a Facebook event to get an idea of how many will participate and make sure there’s enough food, so please be nice and register. This includes also people who are vegetarian or even vegan, as there’s plenty of grilled vegetables if you don’t fancy pork.
  3. (Loud) music is to my unique judgement and includes healthy doses of hard rock, grunge, prog but also brit rock, hip-hop and anything else which catched my fancy since the ’70s. In this post you can find last year’s playlist.
  4. My BBQ maxes at around 70/80 people, but the garden could accommodate many more – this means that if someone volunteered to co-cook (bringing their own BBQ equipment) we could accept more guests. Please shout if you’re interested.
  5. Food and drinks are free, but you are requested to pay an €10 rent for your chair. This money goes to a Charity which I will announce in due course on the Facebook event. Past beneficiaries included PaviaAIL, the local chapter of the national association for the fight against Leukemia and Caritas Diocesana to support their work in favour of Syrian refugees.
  6. Free parking is available, but not in the same place as last year, as we had  a couple of broken car windows, so we’ll use the nearby cemetery parking lot which is much less isolated.

Get ready!


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