What is provincialism?

Literally, it is an excessive focus on your little walled garden, without knowing (or being sensitive about) anything just outside it.

It can pop up in everyday behaviour and it’s typical of people with little or no abroad experience, and the use (or misuse) of language exposes the victim to fails of epic proportions.

Textbooks are filled with examples: badly translated signs, gross translation mistakes always make for a good laugh.

fresh crap

One hardly expect this in the context of the financial community, where language is used with the utmost care, and when the context does not call for venturing in uncharted language territory.

The article you see below (click the image for live version) appeared on and reports about the Social Capital Markets Conference held in San Francisco being about to introduce a new word, merging  “Accelerator” and “Incubators” and resulting in a neologism that is making every reader who is Italian or of Italian descent roll on the floor laughing out loud.

While you’re not likely to find the word in any proper dictionary of the Italian language (therefore I had to forge the vocabulary entry you see below), every kid above 4 knows exactly what the word means, and it’s hardly conducive of the concepts the authors imagined.

2016-04-07 devex impact inculator annotato.001

Fresh crap, indeed!

P.S. thanks to Claudio Marchiondelli for the find!!!


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