Panama Papers: what can each of us do?

11.5 million documents, 2.6 terabytes of information.

The Panama Papers are a huge archive, probably way too big for each of us to digest. We can however do something on our own.

The people at SüdDeutsche Zeitung (@SZ), the newspaper who received the leak, has set up a special dedicated site where they will report what they find as they continue digging in this mountain of information.

Today’s article, for example, is about Iceland, a country whose new government was heralded as the champions of the small guy against Big Bad Banks: well, it turns out that allegedly not everyone in that government wore a shining white armour…

Screenshot 2016-04-04 13.40.22

So, back to what each of us can do.

  1. We can give our clicks to @SZ by reading the special site every morning: build that in your breakfast routine, maybe taking some time off kittens and quizzes. This will improve @SZ’s ad ratings and help pay for their investigative work.
  2. We can use our social graph to spread the news to our connections: this is only as powerful as we want it to be, and we owe it to ourselves and out children to use our social connections for something as good as this.
  3. We can read. Perhaps this is the most important thing, because the best journalism in the world will not do a thing if people don’t take the time to understand.

Good reading!


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