Good Ads

The music is romantic, her voice is soft.

“I remember everything about the evening he proposed me: what I was wearing, what he was wearing, which restaurant we went to, what we ate.

It’s been a fantastic journey and I’d do it all over again. Every single thing.

With and exception maybe. I would not send him that Good Anniversary SMS while driving because, you know, I’d still be alive now!”

This ad is part of a campaign launched by the Italian Ministry of Transportation; there are three or four small narratives like that, and they all hit you hard in the stomach because you don’t see them coming.

The second is an ad aired by CNA, an association which supports small entrepreneurs:

BANKER: “Hey, look at that! Who have we got with us today?

ENTREPRENEURS: We’re entrepreneurs! We’re young and enthusiastic…

B: That’s great! Have you got capital?

E: Well, no…

B: No capital? What have you got then?

E: We have great ideas! We will change the world…

B: Ideas! Ha! Ideas!! Ideas come and go, they can’t be weighed, touched, tasted. There’s not such a thing as free lunch, you know? This is a BANK, dudes, not CNA!

Again, you don’t see it coming and the way the Banker character changes his voice from supporting and enthusiastic to cold and heartless is absolutely spot on.

Creativity is not dead, thanks God!


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