Why do they hate VR at Samsung? or AI at IBM?

Screenshot 2016-02-25 09.56.28

Whoever advises Samsung to portray VR as a reality-substitute should have their head chopped off, together with those advising IBM to portray Watson as Artificial Intelligence.

Can’t these people see how these depictions (besides being laced in lies and hype) will ultimately scare people off these innovations?

Don’t we have in front of us the images of youths isolated from their peers because of the addiction to Social Networks? Do we really want to put on the market products that push further this isolation?

What these ads say is that their prosthetic realities are better than real life, nudging more and more people on escape routes with no return.

I am sure (actually, I know) there are other plenty of complementary applications that make VR or AI a useful augmentation without leading people astray: I don’t want a computer that holds a witty conversation with Bob Dylan or a device that fools me into thinking I am having a fine dinner. I don’t want to see a roomful of journalists watching an event through a device that can make them see something different from what’s really going on.

When I want that, I go to the movies, eat my popcorn, drink my soda and pretend I believe dinosaurs are back or caped heroes protect the planet from villains.

Any form of reality replacement is a gross communications mistake that will ultimately harm these very technologies, raising doubts into the minds of even the most technology-inclined people, resulting in significantly slowing down (if not altogether halting) their adoption.


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