WCF Davos Program Declaration

I am very proud to be one of the signatories of the mission statement for the World Communication Forum in Davos:

Davos Logo.png

The Forum program draws upon the following ideas and principles:

  1. Professional community identity. Communication has ceased to be a “service”; it has become a “mission”. It is a mission to make the world more open and connected, to find platforms for communication and collaboration among political opponents, competing companies and different nations. Overall, it is a mission for promoting humankind that, although diverse, is even more willing and able to work together. The shorthand for this mission is – Stop the War, Communicate! More on that in the Roundtable: Communications revolutionized – seen as a Mission, not as a Service!
  2. Opportunity to touch the Globe. Humankind has not yet developed an effective infrastructure to shape and express global interests; therefore, a reflection on diversity, aligned understanding of cultural/behavioral/market differences, and the impact of country/nation reputation on investor confidence, is an important objective of this Forum. More on that in panel discussions: Country reputation – who’s in charge of communications, identity and trust? Global Tourism in the age of Communications, Professional Associations and their Market Influence, as well as the addresses by the WCF Regional Forum Directors.
  3. Communications = Mobility. The ability to digitally reach the rest of the world is mirrored by the abundance of cheap physical travel. Physical mobility is expanding at an accelerated clip and digital narrations about far-away countries or regions are spurring the desire to visit and experience those countries first-hand. We have invited speakers from various segments of the industry – from tourism ministers to hotel chain and online travel service owners – to discuss the magnitude of this change and the openness of various markets to it.
  4. Integrated communications. The Forum was initially created on the belief that digital communications are making the world more connected and the industry more integrated. In other words, all sorts of Communications (media, PR, government, social, financial, etc.) have started converging in terms of objectives, not just the tools and techniques. We discuss it at WCF every year, but in 2016 we shall emphasize this new “Media reality” of modern consumers / voters / employees / people.
  5. People to people communications. We believe this is the eternal key to communications. As one of our Committee members beautifully puts it, “People are the killer application of the Internet”, so we shall also talk about talents. In the Blind Insight session, we shall apply the skills of communication agencies to the cases of large corporations. The same principle inspires our Global Education Program that will draw students from different countries to experience first-hand collaboration and direct learning.
  6. We are about the community. WCF is not only about content and expertise, business or new markets; it is also a community that is precious for us. So we shall find time to discuss the new books published recently by community members and reward best personal and corporate achievements at the C4FDavos Award Ceremony. And then, some karaoke fun-time: we shall sing together!!!

See you in Davos!

Signed by 20 members of WCF Committee 2016:

  • Alaimo, Kara – Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Hofstra University (USA)
  • Behar, Maxim – ICCO President, WCF Committee co-Chair, Chairman of Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Prague, CEO & Chairman of the Board of M3 Communications Group, Inc. (Bulgaria)
  • Belenko, Natalia – Founder of TOP Communication GmbH (Russia)
  • Bruce, Stuart – Digital Corporate Communications, Online PR Trainer and Consultant (UK)
  • Carreño, Lorena Díaz – CEO of Marketing Q Strategies & Communications, Vice President of CICOM, Advisory Board Member at PROPR and CONAR (Mexico)
  • Catalfamo, Gianni – Web 2.0 evangelist, Founder of cc:catalfamo (Italy)
  • Dubeykovskaya, Yanina – WCFDavos Founder and Content Director, President of the WCFA association, CEO of Тоp Communications LLC
  • Fahlman, Scott – Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
  • Hegyi, Gábor – WCFDavos Committee co-Chair, Founding Managing Director of Capital Communications
  • Joshi, Yogesh – WCF Committee co-Chair, President of ABCI (India)
  • Kaiser, Guntram – Chief Executive Officer of KaiserCommunication GmbH (Germany)
  • Kehar, Tanuja – Vice President, Corporate Communications at Unitech (India)
  • Moeng, Solly – Managing Director of DonValley Brand, Marketing & Communications (South Africa)
  • Nejem, Rana – Founding Director of YARNU (Jordan)
  • Ramos, Luis – Head of Communications, ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG(Portugal)
  • Romanowski, Dymitr – Co-founder and CEO of The Story digital branding agency (Poland)
  • Shamsuri, Nurul Ashiqin – Head of Program at UCSI University, Program Director at the Information and Communication Secretariat of Wanita UMNO (Malaysia)
  • Uboweja, Saurabh – Founder, CEO & Director Brand Strategy at Brands of Desire (India)
  • Zolotarevych, Iryna – Head of PR&GR Services at AGAMA Communications (Ukraine)
  • Zverev, Sergey – Founder and President of CROS PR & Public Affairs (Russia)

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