The peak of my PR career

In the course of “the Great Digitization” I just scanned the pictures I shot in July, 1999 during what is perhaps my greatest achievement as a Communications professional which, to the best of my knowledge, is known only to the small group of people who participated and has never been told in its entirety.

I think this a story worth telling: a crazy idea, whose crazy originators did not even know whether is was technically feasible, convinced a huge client to invest a lot of money in a crazy PR stunt which delivered amazing returns.

Why did we not think of entering this project in Awards and contests? Well, this can only be explained considering we thought of ourselves as outsiders to the “regular” PR agencies, relishing other types of recognition.

In fact, when I emailed the person who was then my client at European level to ask his permission, his warm words (some of which you will read in the tale) were the best Award I could ask for.

Most careers – and all of mine are no exception – have ebbs and flows. However, only in retrospect you can assess what was the most extreme points you reached. In my life as a Public Relations professional, the story of what was the lowest point is written already, but I cannot bring myself to publish it because it’s, well, a bit depressing.

Much more positive is the story of my highest point, so read on.


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