Sick & Tired

C’mon people!

The shameless abuse of the word “disruption” is bad, but it’s even more sad how to illustrate it this the only slide the industry has come up with:

The forbidden slide

Attendance to any event remotely linked to Digital Transformation guarantees you will see this slide at least four or five times.

I suggest that next time you go, you bring a Charity Jar, proposing to the audience a five euro fine for speakers who are so braindead they can’t do better than repeating that tired meme.

glass jar


5 thoughts on “Sick & Tired

  1. Why has disruption become the question of primary objective across so many dialogues? a. very few innovations are actually “disruptive”, and b. shouldn’t the better objective be to make the world better? I’ve known several unicorns who aimed for question b, and though not as buzz worthy, ended up really impacting the world in much more positive ways.

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