Why #notinmyname may not be the right answer

It is intolerable that bigot Christians suggest that Muslims must “identify” themselves.

It is intolerable that Muslims have to excuse themselves for acts of horror committed by criminals.

It is intolerable that we call “Islamic” something that has no relation to Islam, and we call a “State” something that is definitely not a State.


In my opinion, the real target (and the worst enemy) of terrorists are the many peaceful, integrated, hard-working people that happen to be a Muslim religion. They are the living demonstration that people CAN and WILL live peacefully together, improving unjust western societies and making them a better, more tolerant place with every generation.

But they are also the living chain of transmission that will eventually import what is good from western societies to the betterment of their home countries.

It is high time that this majority, their leadership and their clergy empty the fish tank by denouncing terrorists for what they are, i.e. enemies of Islam and of the Muslim people, addressing them with the only word that is appropriate:

[Edit: after consultation with my Arabic-speaking friends, I have amended the word I had originally selected to one that is of more common use]




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