The thing I hate about agencies

This is almost eighteen months old. Appalling to see we’re still where we were in march, 2014!

Son of GeekTalk

I know. I spent twenty-odd years at an Agency.

Yet, in these twenty years there is something I grew progressively weary about, to the point of disgust, and that is the tendency of agencies to make things look more complicated than they are. So complicated, in fact, you will need their help to figure them out.

This selling-by-obfuscation is obviously encouraged by its very victims, silly clients who do not try to understand, do not demand clarification, but want a quick fix: unlike the proverbial starving man, they do not want to be taught to fish, but rather be given a trout.

This truly bad article is a fantastic example of this: under the disguise of explaining something, it explains nothing except that the matter is so complex you ought to ask the help of whoever wrote the article.

Well, it’s not.

Any fool can run a successful digital marketing…

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