Doing something about my Digital Self

After so many posts bemoaning how Corporations mishandle bits and pieces of my Digital Self, I have decided to actually do something to take control of it.

Of course, this entirely depends on what each individual big web company is graciously allowing you to do, but I always thought that Google stands out in this respect. So here it is, photos.

Over the years (my first good quality digital camera was purchased in 1999) I accumulated thousands of pictures which I uploaded to Picasa, now Google Photos. Part of the reason for my choice is the fact that Google was the first company to publicly commit to an Open Data policy whereby each user had the right (and the technical means) to download ALL the data s/he uploaded to Google.

Their support to this policy has not changed, nor I have any reason to believe they are even considering a change, but being this a unilateral decision on their part, I decided to build an extra layer of security and download all the pictures archive for storage (also) on Dropbox and locally, on my redundant NAS. It will take Google a while to prepare my archive (around 3 hours), but in modern terms the space required is nothing exceptional, probably around 10GB altogether.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 18.44.11

Then it will take me a while to download it, but again we are now used to 600GB OS updates, so this is nothing.

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