Ulster Bank, where art thou?

Today I filed my complaint with the U.K. Financial Ombudsman Service, accusing Ulster Bank of poor vigilance and also of ignoring my complaint filed a week ago with them.

It is my opinion that the scammers who got me probably got several (maybe many) others. Their scheme relies on flash accounts that are only alive for a few weeks.

What happens to the money is of course beyond me, but if I was them, I’d collect it cash before vanishing.

You don’t do this only once (too smooth, too detailed) so there’s a repeating pattern that despite the overblown hype on analytics nobody is catching. Or maybe they simply are not reading the reports, like they do not read complaints. (Will they read the reports from social media?)

Or, again, maybe they’re just damn slow which is perhaps the very reason scammers selected them: big, dumb & slow, the perfect screen.


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