#birthdaypledge – stage 2

Happy to report that Stage 2 of my #birthdaypledge went very well.

About 50 people attended the Tex-Mex BBQ; the lesson I learned is that no amount of planning can figure out which way will the wind blow, so YOU NEED a ventilator behind you if you’re managing the grill. Period.

The menu was not very friendly to vegan friends but not entirely hostile to them either:

  • grilled vegetables
  • do-it-yourself bruschetta
  • red & black beans
  • tortilla chips
  • chicken/yellow peppers/onion skewers
  • sausages
  • marinated (two flavors) spare ribs
  • bratwurst
  • assorted sauces & dips (ketchup, BBQ, honey mustard, greek tzatziki)
  • destructured tarte tatin (plus the creamy brioche fourrée brough by Vitaliano)

The “rent” for chairs collected a respectable EUR 215 which will go to PaviAIL, the local chapter of the National Association for Oncohematology Research we decided to support with Stage 2.

However, the point for this post is not some lame patting on our shoulders but rather to deal with a much more substantive issue: the thing that got the most compliments during the day is the beautiful playlist I had hand-crafted so here it is, all 11 hours of it:

Gianni's Birthday

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