I see outrage. I see indignation.

60 million bucks to the guy that destroyed most corporate value than anyone else in postwar Europe. Are we crazy?

What about all the little people working their backs off at VW who may lose their job?

What about the little shareholders who saw their VW holdings cut by a third?

Isn’t our reward system totally out of whack?

No, it isn’t, and here is why.

Dieselgate is so widespread and profound it is hardly the decision of one man. It must have involved thousands of designers, engineers, technicians, middle managers, finance, legal. It must have formed the subject of uncountable meetings which generated billions of memos and meeting notes, emails and telephone conversations.

It is hard to believe shareholders (the german government being one of these) were unaware.

It is hard to believe other automakers are not doing the same, to be honest.

Winterkorn dr. EvilSo Mr. Winterkorn puts his Dr. Evil cap on and takeş all the blame and the axe so that, once the razmatazz is over, Volkswagen (or what’s left of it) can resume their life.

OF COURSE they pay him his weight in gold, otherwise he pulls out a few terabytes of evidence and brings them all down, destroying what’s left of the company value and jobs.

I think 60 million is a good deal.


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