The case for #BirthdayPledge

Yesterday I spammed all my social graph with this crazy idea about social donation I called #BirthdayPledge. I was also asked to extend the deadline to account for timezones, so I have extended it to 8AM CEST.

To the deadline I have received a grand total of 277 birthday wishes, and I am therefore about to proceed with the donation of EUR 277 as per my pledge.

Some numbers: Facebook accounted for the vast majority (260) followed by Whatsapp (8) Linkedin (6) email (2) FB Messenger (1); taken over my social graph of about 1600 nodes, this represents a respectable 16.7% share.

Now let me explain a little more seriously the idea behind #BirthdayPledge.

There are about 936 million active users on any given day on Facebook

2015 Facebook Daily Active Users

Let’s make a sweeping generalisation and say that half belong to “rich countries” (North America, most of Europe, some of Asia). That is 468 million people, and arithmetically 1.3 million of them will have their birthday on any given day.

The Gugol sez the average user has 336 friends, so if the percentage of birthday wishes vs. connections I received are average (and I do not see why not) that’s almost 73 million birthday wishes exchanged EVERY DAY.

Imagine each was worth €1, an amount that should not represent a problem in rich countries almost for anyone (but remember it’s an average) this is potentially €73M in aid that goes – unfiltered by big organisations – to a myriad of small meritorious activities chosen by individuals because they know them, or because they already volunteer for them. To put things in perspective that amount is comparable to what the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign collected in its whole duration (about $100M if you wonder).

Each day.

So here is what YOU can do now, if you like the idea:

  1. Adopt it for your birthday
  2. Talk about it on your blog, on your Facebook page, spread the word using the #BirthdayPledge hashtag
  3. Talk about it IRL, in your home, school, workplace, retirement home.
  4. Lobby your journalist friends so they talk about it.

Easy enough, huh?

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