CaseTV goes live

Psyched to report that my good friend Galina Panina has aired the first episode of “CaseTV” a video channel dedicated to the commentary of actual cases by various PR experts from around the globe.

I love the ingenuity she uses: names and surnames, everything is very plainly described; in this episode, she has chosen the case of a PR agency who attempted to bribe a reporter not to air a story that was very unfavourable for a client; the journalist however not only refused the bribe of about EUR 4,500, but recorded the clumsy attempt and reported on it as well.

Galina’s questions to the panel were therefore:

What would be the right behaviour to avoid getting in this situation?

What do do now?

Do not worry If your Russian is a little rusty, as they kindly provided english subtitles, and all the answers are in English.


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