Understanding traffic

This is interesting.

One of the things I decided during this summer break is to become more deliberate in channeling traffic to my blog, which is hosted on WordPress.com (sadly, not the most generous platform when it comes to log data).

WP offers a handy “Publicize” feature which however, at least according to the stats, is not very effective, as on average less than 3% of my traffic comes from there.

Or perhaps the stuff I write is not very interesting.

I also noticed that the Publicize on LinkedIn was often broken and did not generate LinkedIn posts, but updates. To see what is the difference between the two, I turned off the auto-publicize feature on LinkedIn and started treating each blog post as a LinkedIn post: in practice, I manually create a new LI post, copy the first couple of sentences from the blog post and add a (read more…) backlink to the blog.

I can now look at the Referrers stat on my blog and see if there is a variation in incoming traffic from Linkedin, which is indeed the case:

2015 08 25 referrers

The main finding is that traditionally I get between 5% and 10% of my incoming traffic from all referrers (the March Facebook “blip” are the posts I write on the WCF while in Davos); however, since I started doing this, LinkedIn has become my #1 source of traffic (after Google, of course) bringing in August a whopping 12.7% of all incoming traffic.

Moreover, I can now approximate the clickthrough rate of my posts, (i.e. how interesting they are) as the ratio of visitors referred from LinkedIn over LI posts reader).

In those two months this ratio was very consistently around 30%, which is not bad at all.

This obviously requires a few more data points but, what a difference it makes to invest the time to understand the platform a little better!


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