Monday Morning Quarterbacks

C’mon bitches, do you REALLY think Google needs YOU telling them that Alphabet is in use by BMW?

Would-be branding strategists are perhaps the worse of all marketing professions when it comes to “I would have done this better than whoever-they-gave-it-to” recriminations. I see comments like “Didn’t they check on Google?” No, of course not: nor Larry or Sergey, nor anybody in Google’s management team, nor anyone at the branding firm they hired, nor anyone in the legal department nor any of their external consultants.

Think of the difference YOU would have made if they had retained YOUR services.

In all my twenty+ years of consulting with companies, I have very rarely witnessed situations where NOBODY had thought of a certain, important thing. Even more rarely I was the one bringing it up, maybe I’m too stupid. Or maybe it does not happen that often.

In the world of global branding it’s virtually impossible to choose a word of any meaning in a major language that’s not being used already as a brand; what happens next is negotiations and methinks Google has something to offer to anyone owning any of the hundreds of the companies called Alphabet to convince them to renounce it.


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