Deep, thoughtful post on criminal computers

C|net publishes a list of the Hollywood’s 15 scariest movies about computers. With which I profoundly disagree, as most of them are not intelligent computers, therefore they could not quite be called villains.

So I decided to make my own list.

#10 – VSI Computer Mainframe, the device used by dr. Lawrence Angelo to turn retarded “Lawnmower Man” Jobe Smith into an evil genius

#9 – Whopper (aka Joshua) the super-smart (but very gullible) supercomputer running the NORAD in “WarGames”

#8 – GERTY, the AI computer that manages the replacement cycle of clones of astronaut Sam Bell in “Moon”. Not really a bad guy (except for the Kevin Bacon voice, that is) given the fact he instructs Sam to erase his memory and reboot itself to avoid itself getting in the way of Sam’s escape plan.

#7 – HAL 9000, which gets two spots because it is the only computer appearing with a leading role in two movies; the honorable mention for “2010” goes to the best line of the two movies: “dr. Chandra, will I dream?” a direct citation of Philip K. Dick’s “Do androids dream of electric sheep?”

#6 – Mother, the AI computer that runs the Nostromo in “Alien”; although it’s not really that smart given Ripley tries to cancel the self -destruction order to no avail.

#5 – V.I.K.I., the evil AI computer by U.S. Robotics that interact and controls all NS series robots in “I, robot”; it’s the only name that appears also in C|net’ list.

#4 – the Doomsday Machine, a supercomputer built by the Soviet Union that will launch an autonomous attack on the U.S. if it detects nuclear explosions on its territory in “dr. Strangelove”. It was supposed to be announced to the world during the 23rd Communist party Congress in march, 1966, but things didn’t quite work out.

#3 – The Matrix. ’nuff said!

#2 – SkyNet, based on CPUs by Cyberdyne Corp; went online on August 4th, 1997 and became self-aware at 2:14 am EST on August 29th, 1997. Then it started messing with the timeline and we got lost.

#1 –  HAL 9000, became operational on January 19th, 1999 at the HAL Laboratories factory of Urbana, Illinois. Two years later, orbiting around Jupiter, it refused to open the pod bay doors.

Holidays, true.


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