No, LinkedIn didn’t heed my Digital Self advice

Predictable, really, I suppose.2013 08 29 cover

I received today the download link to the archive of my personal data on LinkedIn, only 24 hours after I requested it, far ahead of the stated deadline of 72 hours.

And that’s about it, as far as good news go. It is a comprehensive archive including all my login attempts, which devices I was using and all sorts of other (completely irrelevant) information. When it comes to my Social Graph, however, LinkedIn sticks to its previous policy: I am only allowed to see name, surname, email, current job and current company of my contacts.

I still don’t know how many people I know in Munich, Germany nor who they are.

This means one thing only: if you thought LinkedIn could replace your own telephone directory, think again because it doesn’t. If you thought your Social Graph was yours, think again, because once you committed it to LinkedIn they unilaterally decide which searches you can do, and which you cannot do.

Time for some #DigitalSelf legislation…


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