LinkedIn (slightly) heeds my Digital Self advice

Not really.

Anyway, my Facebook stream suggested today this interesting article on VentureBeat: although the tone is “those bastards at LinkedIn are making us wait 72 hours to access our data” this policy change is actually a huge improvement over the previous one I lamented so many times.

LinkedIn seems (ike almost every other Social Network of some success except Google) to consider the data we recorded on its site their own property to which each user has precious limited access.

This is so wrong on many accounts (please refer to the most comprehensive textbook on the matter *ahem*) but still, each of us accepted the gouging T&Cs and there is very little we can do except vociferously express our disapproval for such policy that blatantly ignores a basic right of the digital citizen.

For example, recently I was looking for my contacts in Munich, of which I know I have many, but LinkedIn chooses to show me only the first 10. Not 10 at a time, ten in all. Why? I have no idea.

So when I tried to download a list of my contacts to sort the old-fashioned way (using that evil product by the evil Empire – Microsoft Excel) I discovered LinkedIn only gave me name, surname and email. For all practical purposes, I was shut off my own social graph.

While the (up to) 72 hours wait time is a tad uncomprehensible (do they assemble the required information using Mechanical Turks?) this is great step forward towards filling a gaping hole in the access to my own data, so kudos to LinkedIn for showing everybody the way.

No doubt because they read my book, thank me.


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