Amex love (4)

Several years ago I had a run-in with American Express over a procedure which I though was silly and unhelpful. Amex was so kind to call me and resolve the issue.

But after a couple of years, I have another problem which causes me frustration and waste of time.

I have decided to upgrade my Business card to the Gold level, on the strength of the better insurance coverage I get when I purchase travel tickets. This is apparently something that does not happen often, as the procedure calls for the cancellation of the old (Green) card and the issuance of a new (Gold) one.

The cancellation however is not implicit in the fact that I am upgrading, but needs to be requested specifically by sending a fax (really? in 2015???) to a certain number: in this request, I need to quote the full card number; since I was not aware of this need, I have destroyed the old card and don’t have this number. No problem, stupid me thinks, I can find it online, where the card is still alive, waiting for my cancellation.

Not so fast, Buster! Nowhere on the site the full number appears, nor in any of the statements: the number is always partially deleted:


So I call the Call Center where a poor devil nicely tells me that “for security reasons” they cannot read the number to me; instead I must ask the Bank which pays my statements every month and they will read it to me.

Get that?

Amex does not trust its own tech to state the stupid number in a page whose access is protected by countless layers of encryption, but instead it trusts an employee of another bank to violate the very rule which they impose on themselves.

Sorry, Amex, you now succeeded in making me extremely nervous about the quality of your systems security!


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