Digital Transformation Workshop

hurdleI will soon be inaugurating a new half-day workshop on Digital Transformation, kicking off in Munich (Germany) on july 10th.

(BTW, if you’d like to book me for one in your city, please email me)

Following a discussion with my longtime friend Ralf, this workshop has a different structure from the ones I have done in the past: Digital Transformation is likened to a road trip with a number of intermediate stops, and along the way there are detours and roadworks and other obstacles. The workshop helps the audience to correctly identify the root cause of each hurdle, suggesting ways to overcome them.

Each hurdle is caused by some typical organizational situation, to the point I have begun to actively look for them when they do not surface spontaneously, and have developed standard answers and suggestions to each of them.

To avoid making this post impossibly long, I have broken it down in individual posts, each dedicated to a specific Roadblock:


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