Boycott-worthy ads (4)

Advertiser: Trenitalia (railways)

Storyline: Child with a suitcase lifted straight from the 50s loses train for school roadtrip, wanders around the station until a brand-new Frecciarossa1000 train rides he. He boards the beautiful train until he gets to to pilot who says “Do you want me to catch them” and the child answers “No, I dont’ want to alight, ever”

What I find despicable: the 50s child, evoking a past that frankly should stay past, the not-so-subtle suggestion that if it wasn’t for Trenitalia, Italy would be a backwards country. The silly idea that a pre-teen child would be left in a station without adult supervision. While a big fan of high-speed train, the rest of the country is not so bad, thank you very much!


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