Roadblock #2: Walking Alone

RB2Digital can be arcane, and this is the reason the “easy” solution is to hire a few guys who get it, and task them with the problem, so that you can forget about it and get back to business.

Why waste time to understand Social Networks, the sharing economy, virality? Hire someone who does!

Unfortunately this means not understanding the extent to which the world is becoming digital, not just Communications, or Marketing but the whole Society is being transformed in ways we could not imagine.

Digital Projects cannot be pigeonholed, but other non-specialist functions must be involved at the right time, with the right story and in way that are relevant to them.

Successful digital projects (usually starting in Marketing) involve progressively Communications, IT, Sales and – finally – the top management; each involvement step must have the right preparation, ask the right questions and involve all those who have a role. A promotional program to be fulfilled at the Point of Sale must be vetted by the person managing the Retail channel, to make sure it does not conflict with the existing incentive scheme.

As a result, truly successful digital projects are the result of involving rather than excelling: it must be everybody’s success, not just those “who get it”.

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