Roadblock #3: Big Data

RB3In digital, everything can be measured. In fact, data accumulate way faster than we can interpret.

To put it another way, there is so much data out there it’s easy to lose sight of the information.

Secondly, it’s not uncommon to fall for the trap of looking at the finger instead of the moon it’s pointing to: likes, shares, comments are all great metrics, but a properly designed project will track the impact on the business.

Nowadays the notion of Client Journey has become quite common, as each potential client moves from being unaware of our product or service, to being aware of it, to consider it for a purchase when the time comes, to use it and feed back its usage experience to us. Depending on the overall experience (and not just one tiny step in isolation) the same Client may move form the Indifferent state to become either an Advocate (powerfully promoting our offering to other potential Clients) or a Detractor (whose fearful force we must deal with).

Our program will HAVE to be designed in a way to capture each state change and linked to lever we can act upon to accelerate or decelerate a transition. It’s important that this is recognized at the very beginning and this approach baked into whatever we do, so that it’s then easy to spot the data that carry information and make decisions based on what the information says.


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