Boycott-worthy ads (2)

Advertiser: Direct Line (insurance)

Storyline: (Her) I’m home, here’s your credit card, I used it to purchase a policy from DL they had a great promo (Him) You did what? (Her) I bought a car insurance policy (Him) But you don’t have a car (Her) I bought that, too, it’s parked outside. What was I supposed to do, lose the promo?

What I find despicable:

  1. Client-bashing (our clients are so stupid they’d buy a car to  get a small discount on their insurance)
  2. Sexist times two (women can’t have their own credit cards, must borrow one from a man) (women are so gullible)
  3. Dubiously legal (it’s OK to impersonate someone to use his credit card to purchase something)
  4. Self-damaging (our company procedures are so sloppy we won’t even realise somebody’s impersonating somebody else when paying for services)

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