Roadblock #4: Wrong skill mix

RB4How is the ideal team made up?

In keeping with the general concept that this is not some arcane discipline reserved for a small group of privileged cognoscenti, the skill mix we need to have at hand is quite varied.

The list over the years has actually grown to include even more capabilities: sure, technical ones are there (you need people who “really” understand how this stuff works, but the most important thing is that these people are strong enough to push back when other want to achieve something that’s impossible.

You will need creativity, you will need someone to go find those nuggets of interesting contribution we can make to our target community. You will need someone who knows the route by heart and makes decisions for the team, but – not surprisingly – you also need someone who can navigate the complexity of your own organisation which, like any other organisation in the world, will resist change.

The success of the team must be an inclusive one, engulfing those that the project will sail by: nobody can be left behind, because there is nowhere to be left at. Going Digital is radical and irreversible.

Finally, the team may and will rotate people in and out depending on the moment: while you need the nutter who will bring up crazy ideas every second, you probably don’t when you are about to finalize the execution of an important phase.

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