Rise and Fall

Samsung – however mighty – demonstrates how hard it is to carve a profitable niche if you “don’t strive to create a better product”.

I, for one, left Sammy’s not so much after the burning charger accident which however did nothing to improve the brand’s rep in my eyes, but after my S3 failed to live up to expectations.

So have I gone back to the Apple fold?

Not really, as I don’t like the iPhone 6 (very popular in my household, which is now 2 iOs vs. 3 Android) any better than its predecessors and, valuing portability over everything else, I have migrated to a Sony Z3 Compact.

AFAIK, I think Samsung and Apple are making the same mistakes (if one can speak of mistakes for a company that makes billions a day) and this is wearing thin my appreciation for Apple: neglected PCs (where’s a new Macbook Air?), new products whose positioning is weak to say the least (e.g. the new Macbook Pro). Top my cahier de doléances with the fact that Apple seems focused on cashing on its immense popularity with products like the Apple Watch who address no real use case at all, but simply the desire to show off I can afford a thousand dollar useless gadget. Because I can.

Last week, Rolex showed the world what it may mean to fall for the brand’ own rhetoric when a protester was caught on camera wearing a Rolex while busily smashing shop windows in name of “ending privileges”.

Its Italian CEO bought full page ads (“because he can”) to publish a letter where he carps about the association of the watchmaker’ brand with the criminal actions of the “Rolex-toting Black bloc”, but when your name is synonymous of “because I can” rather than product excellence, this is only to be expected.rolex black bloc 1 rolex black bloc 2

Throw in a growing distaste for bells-and-whistles presentation style (who needs Keynote anymore?) my brand loyalty is seriously chipped. Must say that Mac OS X still seems way more usable than Windows, and (incredibly) the MBA is good value for money, but is this a good enough reason?


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