More on batteries…

… as if the post I published a few days ago wasn’t enough (BTW, I apologize for some miscalculations which are now corrected), responding to some people’s criticism, here is some more.

The criticism goes as this:

The huge swing that causes batteries to be so big are due to heating for which you use natural gas, a much cheaper source of energy

Very true. The electric kWh costs me around € 33c, while the gas-fired one is around € 7c.

So I ran the numbers again, this time taking into account only the electrical consumption; the solar array needs now only to increase to 28 KW and the battery pack needs a maximum capacity of around 2300 kWh. With these numbers, the residual consumption drawn from the Grid would decrease to around 1,600 kWh, allowing me to save around 95% of my current electrical bill or approx €3,300 per year.

2015 05 05 energy balance (electrical only)

The cost side is however still pretty steep:

  • 2300 kWh capacity / 10 kWh x €3,500 = €800k
  • solar array expansion (15 to 28 kW) = 40k (always ignoring the physical and legal limitations)

making the payback an impossible 250 years !


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