Disagreeing with Coca-Cola’s CEO

One of my LinkedIn streams proposes this chart, allegedly a very short inspirational speech by Bryan Dyson Coca-Cola’s former Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.43.24CEO.

Disagreeing with the Chief Executive of a multi-billion dollar company whose brand is a staple in the minds of billions of consumers is, well, sort of arrogant.


The analogy of the five balls is interesting, but the conclusion that all such balls are made of glass except the Work ball that’s made of rubber does not match my own experience.

I think you can make the five balls in any material you want – they may be originally made of glass (fragile, bound to scuff or break if you drop them) but with the proper treatment and care they can be turned into other materials.

In times of difficulty, I have leaned on my Family ball because it was a comfortable and warm surface, and they responded supporting and cushioning me from buffeting winds.

In times of difficulty, I have supported myself by the steel girding of my Friends ball, who helped, offered suggestions or – if nothing else – listened to my lamentations.

In times of difficulty, I have cursed and argued with the Almighty (my Spirit ball) who never once turned His ear away from me.

As for Health, well, each of us is given his/her form of fragility, like we are given fair or dark skin, slim or thick complexion, blonde or dark (or no) hair.

Finally, the Work ball may be rubber, but it’s a rubber than can easily dry and crack, if you allow your job to define your competences and lose the curiosity and the desire (and ability) to learn.

None of the balls can do without proper maintenance, lest it becomes fragile; if properly cared for, however, each of the balls is strong enough to bear your full weight.

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