New DT gig about to start

Very excited to start a new project of Digital Transformation: one of the privileges of a solo consultant as I am is the fact that I can be as picky as I want (can afford to be) in choosing my engagements.

In this case, it was a perfect 5:

  1. a complex organization of non-trivial dimension (my methodology works best when the Client values its organizational impact)
  2. a strong awareness of the need for robust online strategy (I have no patience to answer silly questions like “Prove to me that my target is online”)
  3. a commitment to involve the organization (contrary to the Agency business model, my added value – and therefore where I make money – is not in delivering the trout, but in teaching my Client how to fish)
  4. top level buy-in (in this case, CEO and Business Unit Director are my primary Client)
  5. long term view (rather than a quick fix for a desperately wrong situation)

As usual, as it was ALWAYS the case, this new gig comes through the grapevine: somebody who knows somebody else who suggests they call me. Doesn’t speak much in favor of my lead generation process but, what the hell…

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