Good customer service

How can you NOT like good customer service?

It is ironic perhaps that in the age of extreme personalization, of “niches of one”, companies struggle to offer quality customer service to the people they know best, their own customers.

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For professional reasons, I frequently commute between Milano and Bologna; I almost never go by car, because train service is fast, comfortable and, ultimately cheaper.

I board in the southwest train station of Milano Rogoredo and 54 minutes later I alight in the center of Bologna. Among the two companies serving the high-speed route, I have chosen to travel with Italo, because it is less crowded.

I am of course a member of their loyalty program, and I cross 10,000 point the top status threshold typically at end march; honestly, I do not care much for the benefits offered by such program, which is perhaps a problem for the company itself, as it defies the very purpose to make sure I continue to give them business.

So I thought I’d offer three (almost) no-cost ideas to look after me.

  1. recurring bookings – anyone that travels as much as I do obviously has preferred routes. It does not take IBM’s Watson to figure out that 99% of my traveling is done on a certain route at a certain time. How hard is it to offer me an option to repeat bookings without having to go through the tedious fifteen-steps booking process?
  2. monthly invoices – anyone who travels for business needs invoices; in fact, I get individual invoices for each trip, and double that in case I change my reservation. How hard would it be to offer me the option of a monthly itemized bill?
  3. meaningful perks – what’s the point of offering me free upgrades, but only on the Milano – Roma route I rarely take? Bump me up (when there’s seats available, of course) on my regular route, and I will feel very much looked after.

Now, where do I send MY bill for such quality consultancy?

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